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My story started when I was I had just started my IT degree. It was at college when I met Rahul. The thing was that I got a lot of stalkers because of my looks. Rahul was sweet as we got to know each other more and more we fall in love. We started dating about three years into our five years course. Rahul never pushed me to have sex and the furthest we had gotten was some heavy betting through close. After college, I received a great job offer in Bangalore, While he got a job in Delhi. We both knew a long distance relationship would be hard but agreed if we wanted to give it a try.

I headed to a park. This common is mostly open space and guys cruise around in their cars after that take their business elsewhere. At slight that has always been my be subject to. But at early afternoon on a cold and now rainy day, a person at this park was there designed for pretty much one reason: hook-ups.

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He looks at me. Ravi used en route for fuck me that was nothing distinctive but he wanted to make a few money out of this. He introduced me to a bunch of men, near my house — who hunt a young sexy boy to fuck. He told them he would acquire his money in the morning.

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