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It was lost in a website shuffle a couple years ago, and someone recently asked if I could put it back. So here it is. If yours are great, then skip this article. Here are the key points: The most successful organizations have balanced product teams that meet routinely, usually weekly, to review and reorganize the backlog, and plan the work they need to do to get ready for the next sprint. Hold routine story workshops more frequently, at least once or twice a week.

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You a Product Manager have prepared your product backlog. The kick-off usually happens in team meetings where we argue OKRs, roadmaps, features, stories, etc,. Around were times where I left a meeting with more questions and unclarity than before. Despite the fact so as to the idea behind backlog grooming is to bring clarity to the complete team. The goal is to achieve clarity on projects, tasks, and approximate tickets and the scope. Usually, we meet once a week to argue tickets in our backlog or erstwhile topics like the roadmap or glossy magazine goals. The frequency of these sessions depends on how well-groomed our accumulation is. If we kick off a new, bigger project, I spend add time with my team to acquire everyone aligned as fast as achievable.

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