“Let’s Get Happy Together” Maria Muldaur with Tuba Skinny – Out May 7th on Stony Plain Records

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She told me they were a band of young musicians, some originally from the Woodstock area, which now lived in New Orleans and performed on the streets and at many clubs and festivals there. She had to show me the CD covers before I would believe her! I immediately asked how I could get ahold of their CDs and when I returned to Woodstock a month later, she had five Tuba Skinny CDs for me, which have been in heavy rotation in my life ever since! We talked about a possible album and I am delighted that it worked out and to now hear the results.

The song also reached the top 20 in diverse countries, including number 2 in Canada and number 12 all the rage the UK. It was later built-in on their third studio album, Blissful Together The lyrics, despite the blissful sound of the music, express an unrequited, imagined love. They recorded two demos, one comprised a simple agreement of acoustic guitar and handclaps, all along with a second demo with add instruments, recorded at Regent Sound all the rage New York City.

The song was written as a lampoon of their biggest pop hit Blissful Together. The band members wanted en route for diversify their musical output in analogy with more innovative musical groups of the time and to record their own material. However, their record ballet company was reluctant to allow them en route for do so. As a demonstration of their musical versatility, the Turtles recorded the album The original lyrics old the phrase Fab and Gear, which got replaced by the phrase Arrogance and Joy. This was one of the first pop songs to abuse the Moog synthesizer, which is heard during the last half of the second verse, featuring Kaylan's double articulated track plus Volman's harmonic supporting chase. Elenore was a parody of Blissful Together. It was meant as an anti-love letter to White Whale [Records]who were constantly on our backs en route for bring them another Happy Together. Not only with the chords changed, although with all these bizarre words.

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