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Last weekend, in the penthouse of an upscale, downtown hotel, I attended my first sex party. Fair enough, I thought. I was skeptical. How amazing could the participants of a paid orgy really be, even if it was invite-only?

Although I did feel woefully underprepared by my first official group sex affair, that's not because sex parties are mysterious and ineffable. They can actually be described, and they should be for newbies looking to get addicted to the scene. The thing is, all sex party is drastically different, after that therein lies the problem. I've been to parties where before getting along to business, all the guests assemble in a circle, say their names, sexual orientations, pronouns, and what they're hoping to do sexually that dusk, even specifying with whom. These parties are typically for people of altogether genders, and there's an emphasis arrange consent and creating a warm, welcoming space. They have moderators you be able to talk to if you feel dangerous or if someone is harassing you.

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