Discreet vs. Discrete

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When words sound exactly the same, they are called homophones. Homophones are tricky because the only way to tell them apart is by recognizing their different spellings. In spoken language, no one would ever know the difference, but when we write the words, we need to make sure to use the correct spelling. Let's look at the homophones discreet and discrete and their very different meanings. Discreet is an adjective that is used to describe an action that is unobtrusive, subtle, or understated.

Careful means on the down low, below the radar, careful, but discrete agency individual or detached. Today discreet is to be politely private about a bite and to be aware of consequences if everyone finds out what you're doing. Be discreet when you eat the lollipop your mom gave you but not your sister, so you don't have to listen to a tantrum. Wealthy people often try en route for be discreet with their money, as they don't want everyone to appreciate they're rich.

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Abode » Discreet vs. They are a set of homophoneswhich means both careful and discrete are pronounced in the same way. This, of course, barely adds to the confusion between them, but once you know how en route for tell them a part, they are quite easy to handle. In this post, I want to go above the definitions of both words, demonstrate their proper use within a condemn, and give a few tricks en route for keep track of them in the future. What does discreet mean? A good way to think about the word discreet is that things so as to are done discreetly are not en route for arouse suspicion.

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Using the right word can matter. Using the wrong word can matter constant more. I once lost a ability writing gig because I used who instead of whom in a application letter. Even just one incorrectly old word --especially when you're trying en route for make a great impression--can ruin all.

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