Are You a Heteroromantic Bisexual? A Guide to the Most Misunderstood Sexual Orientation

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BY Frederic Bibard. April 15, No matter where you go, gay lingo will always be colorful, witty, unabashed, and quite delightful. French gay slang is no different. If you are curious about gay slang and how to say gay, lesbian, or homosexual in French, we compiled a list for you! A word of caution though, this article is not for everyone as it contains some sexual terminology that may be offensive to some. So, if you are sensitive to this sort of thing, please stop now. If not, then check out the list of slang words grouped into two: gay guy lingo, and lesbian slang.

I realized I was attracted to girls when I was 9 or 10 years old, upon seeing Shannon Elizabeth's bare breasts in the unrated account of American Pie. I never told anyone because even at such a young age, I understood it was probably something I should keep en route for myself. Later in life, I was bullied throughout elementary school and apprentice high for being weird. The accepted wisdom of also being bullied because I was gay was unfathomable to me.

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