Me & My Girls: On A Life Blessed With Big Breasts

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Story from Body. Whatever you choose to call them, breasts and their many guises are a huge part of being a woman. Part erogenous zone, part sustenance-givers, part whatever-you-choose-to-make-them, breasts have come to represent the complexities of womanhood, from maternal softness to bold sexuality. Scientifically speaking, if you are one of the many women blessed with an abundant chest, chances are you're also blessed with a variety of evolutionary benefits. Research suggests that women with larger breasts can have higher IQs, while another study links bigger breast size to higher fertility ratio. It's also believed that the adipose tissue in breasts not only creates body heat and keeps you warmer during cold months, but it could even help you floatessentially turning your girls into a built-in life vest should you ever find yourself upstream without a paddle. Big boobs also mean you give amazing hugs, but that's less to do with science and more to do with the fact that big boobs are essentially giant pillows.

I have more push up bras than any other type of bras — with the exception of sports bras with great padding. This is almost certainly more information than you wanted en route for know, but as poet Sonya Renee once acclaimed, the body is not an apology. You might think it to yourself from time to age when you stand in front of a mirror or you whisper it among your closest friends. But essentially expressing something real about an anxiety that you may have — barely creatures with feelings do that. Always so often, I research the altered kinds of breast enhancements available — the process, the cost, etc. Beyond all, I always pay attention en route for their whys — their real aim for altering their bodies for a lifetime.

All the rage the imaginary address book that exists only in my mind, I allow several important contact lists:. Obviously, bras—the good, the bad, and the ugly-but-comfortable-so-who-cares—also come up a lot. I by no means have more than a couple of bras on rotation, so I abide my recommendation-giving extremely seriously. In an effort to widen my circle after that remind everyone of the joy so as to is receiving a personal recommendation as of someone with the same underwear struggles as you, I asked the beneath list of women to tell me about their favorite bra. What is your favorite bra, and why? It gives me support and coverage although providing a sheer detailing for cleavage. What are your biggest bra baby peeves, and how does this bra avoid them? My biggest bra baby peeve are thin straps that archaeological investigation into your skin.

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