Domestic abuse

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Introduction Domestic abuse DA cases are amongst the highest priority work being dealt with by the criminal justice system. They are regarded as particularly serious by the CPS. There is no specific offence of 'domestic violence and domestic abuse'; however, the term can be applied to a number of offences committed in a domestic environment. The domestic nature of the offending behaviour is an aggravating factor because of the abuse of trust involved. Complainants will know and often live with, or have lived with, the offender. There may therefore be a continuing threat to the complainant's safety, and in the worst cases a threat to their life or the lives of others around them. Domestic abuse can inflict lasting trauma on victims and their extended families, especially children and young people who may not see the violence or abuse, but may be aware of it, or hear it occurring. Many individuals suffering domestic abuse whether in intimate relationships, or within familial situations, will not be always be aware that what they are experiencing is abusive behaviour.

We're here to support you, no affair your worry. Find out more a propos all our services for children , including how to get in affect with ones in your area. The Hide Out , created by Women's Aid, is a space to advantage children and young people understand batter. It also helps them learn how to take positive action. How Childline can help We understand how arduous it is for children to address about domestic abuse. Calls to are free and confidential. Children can additionally contact Childline online. Childline has in a row and advice for children and adolescent people about domestic abuse , as well as why it happens and what they can do. I thought that was quite good because you get en route for tell the truth to everybody [about what had happened at home].

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