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A Heartwrenching story about a girl's want to succeed, whatever the cost. But what this film does have is a happy ending with a character who is almost killed by gymnastics, but still goes back to it because it is her passion, not completely forget it which isn't realistic. The chemistry between Andie and her boyfriend is not always evident but they do have a sweet spark in some scenes. Thinking that Amy Jo Johnson was once the Pink Ranger and this film is solely centered around gymnastics and bulimia, it offers a genuine story that captures immense verve, courage and the devout strength of a girl wanting to achieve. This film isn't trying to be something it isn't,which some blockbuster turkeys like the god awful Pearl Harbour try to be. Was this review helpful? A 'perfect' portrayal. Well Done!!

The shift in culture is about a good deal more than just an increased add up to of fat people seen in movies and television. It also requires the portrayal of non-thin characters who are complex and relatable, not just caricatures that depend on tired tropes after that storylines. Often times creators are add invested in capitalizing on the amount positivity trend than actually listening en route for the needs and demands of the movement. Body diversity in media allay has a very long way en route for go , but thankfully there are some examples that stand out.

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