'Major League': Ranking the 30 best quotes from the classic baseball comedy

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Somehow, the writers of Major League — the classic, hilarious baseball movie released on April 7, — managed to cobble together an entire script, complete with rich character development and necessary plot advancement, using, essentially, a series of one-liners. Here are the 37 best quotes from that baseball classic. Let me tell you, ranking the top 30 quotes from this one was, well, nearly impossible. These top 30 lines are what I consider the funniest, the most iconic, the most repeatable, the most usable in everyday life.

As of Lennie and George's arrival at the ranch to an unpleasant encounter along with Curley. The boss appears and questions the pair about their late advent. George blames it on the car driver, who, he claims, lied en route for them about their proximity to the ranch. Their behavior strikes the boss about as suspicious, and he asks why George feels the need to abide such good care of his accompanying person. He wonders if George is attractive advantage of a man who lacks the faculties to take care of himself. George replies that Lennie is his cousin and was kicked all the rage the head by a horse after he was young, so George has to look out for him. The boss remains suspicious and warns George not to try to pull everything over on him. Nonetheless, they are assigned to one of the crumb teams, working under a man named Slim.

All the rage the X-Men: Evolution fanfic XXY:Evolutionwhere a good number of the characters are genderbendMorgan manly Pixie looks feminine because of his mutant abilities, which he hates even if his butterfly wings have male patterns at least. Even before his alteration kicked in, he was always erroneous for a girl, which makes him act out. Mysterioss male Mystique tells him he shouldn't let his advent dictate his masculinity. Parodied in Rayquaza Mistress when a machine test tells him he's female and he gets an identity crisis. Turns out, it was just a glitch and RM is indeed male. RM: Ach! Can you repeat that? do I do?! What if Kowalski and the others can't find attestation I'm a man?!

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