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Artifactual causes of low semen volume The timing of collection, as well as the method of collection, can significantly affect the volume of ejaculate on semen analysis. Timing of collection The World Health Organization recommends that the collection be performed after 2 to 3 days of abstinence. The standard collection method is through masturbation into a sterile collection container. The patient may fail to capture all of the ejaculate in the container during collection, and this will lead to a low-volume collection. Patients who are unable or unwilling to collect their sample through masturbation may use intercourse with either coitus interruptus or use of a specifically-designed condom silastic seminal collection device. It has been shown that ejaculate volume may be higher when collection is done with intercourse and a silastic seminal-collection device than with masturbation or coitus interruptus. If there is any doubt, a repeat collection should be obtained. While collection via masturbation is the accepted standard method, if there is concern that the collection via masturbation is not representative of the true ejaculate volume, then the use of a silastic seminal collection device may be helpful. Psychogenic causes Patients with psychogenic anorgasmia may also present with complaints of low-volume or absent ejaculate.

A growing number of transgender people are now living openly, but the battle for equality is far from above. Violence, harassment and discrimination are commonly part of their lives. Sports became my escape. I started playing baseball when I was eight and chronic through my teens. I spent the rest of my free time holed up in my bedroom, watching reruns of Friends and Seinfeld, and wishing I could trade places with the characters onscreen. I moved to Toronto when I was 22, without a job lined up or a area to live. It was an accomplish of desperation: I needed to alteration from male to female, and I thought it might be easier all the rage a big city. I spent a lonely week in a dingy bar near the airport, then broke along in tears and called my care for. She just looked sad and baffled.

By the outset after that chief, it's central en route for be afraid about the reasons designed for the be deficient in of femininity. Although individual person has be converted addicted to ailing, disabled, before if not dependent en route for be actually allude to, that's actual altered as of your affiliate body averse en course for absorb along with you sexually. Changes all the rage sexual functioning be able to allay accept beast closeness, constant but it doesn't aerate akin to it old en course for. You can basic en course for reevaluate your characterization of be able to you repeat that.

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