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Medicine addict, troubled rock star, various appearances in rehab and court But at the same time as The Sun revealedthe former bad child has transformed himself and found continuing love away from the limelight. Consume is the gaunt look of the old Pete, who was repeatedly arrested for drug offences, pleaded guilty en route for possession of crack cocaine and heroin and spent time in jail after that rehab for his addictions. Now, Pete, 42, looks far healthier and pals say he's happier than he's always been now in his stable account with musician Katia De Vidas. At this juncture we take a look at his rollercoaster love life from Kate Moss to Amy Winehouse and Big Brother's Nikki Grahame, and how the blustery boy has been tamed. She is mum to Liam Gallagher's daughter, Molly Moorishwho was born in Marchhaving been conceived after the Oasis singer conjugal Patsy Kensit. There were times Lisa banned Pete from seeing Astile, as of his drug habit, but afterwards going through rehab, he became a very hands-on dad.

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