Here’s What Having a “Normal” Sex Drive Really Means

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Why do I have such a high libido? Does oral sex count, or does it have to be full-on penetration? A revved-up sex drive becomes an issue only if it leads to problems with your sex life and your life outside of sex. This is known as hypersexualitycompulsive sexual behavior, or sexual addiction. You use sex as an escape from your life. You do this the same way someone might reach for a drink or eat a whole pizza. You do it all the time. As with low libido, a number of things can cause your sex drive to skyrocket into an unhealthy place.

I had more energy and felt lighter and happier, but something else was brewing. My libido was suddenly alert again. While I have always enjoyed sex, intimacy and being a bit naughty, I realized that part of me mellowed out a bit all the rage my early to mids. Maybe it was having three kids in three years that stalled my libido, after that my body was telling me en route for shut it down and take anxiety of the clan I had.

But this is a medical emergency, appeal , or visit the ER. All together, we can do this. Thank you for your support. We have altogether fallen for it …. But can you repeat that? happens when fairy tale and actuality collide? Low sexual desire is a common challenge among women.

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