Dear Abby: Man unsure of future with bi-curious fiancee who enjoys a friend with benefits

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Mon Jan 06, pm Horriblegoose, my quotient comes from my mom, but I am sure she found it online. Amanda, I know that people have all kinds of experiences but she never said anything about being with another girl. We both talked about boys and past boyfriends, we both talked about some of what we did, but she never said that she was with other girls. I looked and still look at her as a friend, but now that I know more about her I just have this ugly feeling in me that she was always looking at me as girl 3. I was happy with the wonderful friendship, I would have been truly happy with that alone, but things happened. And I don't have a problem with most of things we did, but I wish she told me about the other girls so that I could think about it first. Horriblegoose, for every question you gave my answer is I don't know. What we were doing was all playful dumb innocent girly fun, somewhat sexual sometimes but it was fun, and she had fun as well.

We dated for two years and allow been engaged for three months. She's a wonderful lady, and I can't imagine life without her. I knew she was bi-curious a year back when she told me one of her married female co-workers was flirting with her and she kind of enjoyed it. Their relationship has adult, and they get together every combine of weeks for intimacy in our home. They have even asked me to join them, which I haven't done yet. My fiancee insists she isn't a lesbian or bisexual after that what she and her friend are doing is innocent fun, but I'm not so sure. So far, I haven't made an issue of it and go to bed at my usual time when her friend visits so they can have their amusement.

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