9 Strategies for Getting More Students to Talk

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We should provide them with a sense of community while enrolled in online classes to avoid the sense of isolation that some online students experience. The goal of online communications is the same as the goal in face-to-face communications: to bond; to share information; to be heard, and to be understood. Fostering a sense of community in online classes will make the learning experience more meaningful for online students and help them stay connected during the life of the course. Learning Management Systems LMS have built-in tools to assist in communicating with your online students, but there are also many other technology tools to help you bridge the gap between you and your online students.

English language learners in particular benefit as of ample talk time, but they are not the only ones. My students all have ideas, but only a few of them share those ideas arrange a regular basis. Adding wait age after I ask a question helps more students get into the banter, but still the more confident students are more likely to raise their hands. I mix and match as of the following strategies depending on the students in the room and my goals for the lesson. Who talks first? When students turn and address, I decide who talks first. The person on the right? The person whose birthday is coming soonest? The person with the longest hair?

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