Men: If You Could Not Lie Tell Us What You Really Think About Big Butts

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According to Sir Mix-a-Lot, if you don't got buns then his anaconda don't want none. As a woman who definitely does not have back, this always sort of made me feel left out. While it's been over 20 years since Sir Mix-a-Lot sang those immortal lyrics, the discussion of big butts is still on the table, especially thanks to Kim Kardashian, who, in her own right, has pretty much cornered the market. Or is it just a rumor that got started and everyone followed suit? YourTango asked eight men their thoughts on big butts. Totally anonymously and completely candid, here's what they had to tell us. I feel all big butts are not created equal.

This article was written by Ali Attic and provided by our partners by Men's Health. The butt is absolutely having a moment: Nicki Minaj exists, yoga pants are a thing, after that women everywhere are squatting their approach to more shapely backsides. But of course, the male obsession with the female butt is nothing new. All the rage fact, it's primal, says David Buss, Ph. Men are drawn to a woman's heinie for the same aim they're attracted to breasts, hips, after that a little waist: because those traits would have been indicators of fecundity to your ancient ancestors, says Buss. Man evolved to seek out women who could procreate, says Buss. But a woman has a full tush, that's a signal to your ancient brain that she's probably carrying a sufficient amount fat to become pregnant, he says. And if her bum is active and round, that means she's almost certainly young—which, in caveman days, would accomplish her a good candidate to bear the cavechild. Garrison, a sex authority and author of Mastering Multiple Arrange Sex.

Ah, a woman's behind. Men have been obsessed with it for a although now, and the fixation only continues to grow. Female butts are acutely sexy. Come on, you know how good it looks in those lacy booty shorts. So of course men are totally into them. So are we! But not all women acquire it.

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