The Surprising Benefits of Talking to Strangers

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Can taking a few photos really make you happier? Afghan rocker Sulyman Qardash tries a practice to find meaning through snapping photos of daily life. During the past year, psychology lost two pioneers: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Ed Diener. Here are 10 ideas and insights they left to us. Having to isolate was hard. But, for some people, it was a chance to discover newfound appreciation for important aspects of their lives. What do we gain from connecting with strangers—and what holds us back?

Nic spent most of her childhood avoiding people. The combination left Nic abysmal and isolated. Nic asked to be referred to by only her at the outset name to protect her privacy. At the same time as she grew older, she began en route for travel to seek new people absent. At 17, Nic visited Europe designed for 10 days with her high-school classmates and noticed that people began early conversations with her. She was apprehensive about these encounters, wired for alarm and expecting the worst, but they always went well. They were essentially sources of comfort and belonging.

A good number people spend part of every calendar day surrounded by strangers, whether on their daily commute, sitting in a common or cafe, or visiting the hypermarket. Yet many of us remain all the rage self-imposed isolation, believing that reaching absent to a stranger would make you both feel uncomfortable. These beliefs can be unwarranted. In fact, our delve into suggests we may often underestimate the positive impact of connecting with others for both our own and others' wellbeing. For example, having a banter with a stranger on your approach to work may leave you equally feeling happier than you would assume. We asked bus and train commuters in Chicago how they would air about striking up a conversation arrange their morning commute, compared to meeting in solitude or doing whatever they normally do.

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