How to Take Good Instagram Photos on Your Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Be the first one to review. Tell us if this sounds familiar. Your skin is glowing and your hairdo is perfect--simply put you are feeling good about yourself as you look in the mirror. However, you open your front camera to fix your lipstick and your confidence comes crashing down. How come the reflection in the mirror and the photograph in your smartphone are in such sharp contrast to each other?

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All for tip: Turn on the gridlines designed for your phone camera in settings, after that use them to practice aligning your photos. Step 5: Consider your attitude When you take a photo arrange your phone, you probably hold it up around eye level and bark, right? Resist this natural tendency but you want to take interesting, astonishing photos. Taking photos from a altered vantage point will provide fresh perspectives, even when it comes to a familiar place or subject. A boundary marker shared by demi adejuyigbe electrolemon Action 6: Frame your subject Leaving area around the focal point of your photo can add more visual activity than zooming in. In effect, you are just pre-cropping your image. This can limit your options for bowdlerization later, and you might miss appealing details, so avoid doing it.

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