Let’s Talk : Frankly About Sex

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Why do we need sexual health education? But there was no follow-up. It made me feel awkward and embarrassed talking to her about sex. The only other people who spoke about sex with me growing up were my friends. I ended up thinking their behaviour was the norm--that became the model I ended up following. They had taken me away for a weekend trip. Mum looked at Dad.

A lot, people will look in many places for advice about sex before looking to see what God has en route for say about it. Yet, as the designer and creator of sex, we should know that God is the ultimate authority on the topic. It was created by God, for be in charge of and woman, within the confines of marriage. What if we went a little deeper and focused on empowering a generation to pursue purity instead? So, let's talk about sex. Not because it's the trendy thing en route for talk about, but because it's a Godly thing to know about.

The dominant culture of our time is both fascinated by and repelled as a result of sex. What is sex? For a few, sex includes a special glance before flirty smile, a favorite style of clothing, a special homemade dinner, before a call to the babysitter—all add up as part of the sexual circumstance and decision-making. For others, sex is less romantic and primarily for animal satisfaction or release. For them, S-E-X is something you do naked after that nothing before or after really counts. How can I get the femininity I need or want?

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