Rod Sullivan

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A few of the stains looks like blood specially on the hat, which indicates that Rod also killed kids. Behaviour Rod is an evil person who has a thirst for revenge. All the same, in his childhood, he was an innocent and a lovable little child who wanted to know a allocation about nature, and was always bizarre, he also had a lot of dreams that he will find a good job, have many friends after that be a genius and a accepted guy like his foster father, Joseph Sullivan. But he was bullied as a result of his classmates because he was corpulent which was caused by the distinctive ice creams which he ate, constant making him cry in his babyhood, which made him really vulnerable. His father, was usually busy in his work and wasn't able to consume much time with him. He lures kids by acting friendly and pretends that he is selling ice balm, any unsuspecting child that goes adjacent him gets frozen by Rod along with his mask which contains a chat that freezes kids and he kidnaps the child without anyone knowing, which means that he is also actual cunning. For reasons unknown, he hates Daniel J and it was revealed in his diary that Rod was preparing a type of ice balm such that one cone is a sufficient amount for J or any child en route for die in 2 hours. In Frost Scream 3, it was revealed so as to Rod had kidnapped many kids constant in the past when he says I don't remember the names of all the children that I acquire.

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