Who says Netflix movies are bad? Streamer packs a punch at Telluride Film Festival

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The world is celebrating 16 Days against Gender Based Violence which is a welcome development. In Zimbabwe issues relating to Gender Based Violence were domesticated in our Domestic Violence Act and it is critical for the reader to understand the provisions of the law regarding Gender Based Violence. Statistically it has been proven that Covid 19 which resulted in many people staying at home had caused a spike in GBV. The following are critical frequently asked questions which the writer endeavours to tackle in this article. The term Domestic Violence is commonly used but what is the definition of violence from a GBV standpoint? GBV includes a range of behaviours which target and are re-enforced by gender, gender-roles, sexuality and gender inequality, moreover it can be experienced by men and women including, rape and sexual assault, female genital mutilationchild marriages, physical punishment, intimate partner violencetrafficking for sex or slavery as well as domestic violence. In most cases GBV affects women and girls as they often experience violence from home and in an environment where rigid concepts of gender inequality exist. Violence towards girls and women is accepted as a social norm in many cultures and these women are held responsible for what happens to them.

I had not sung live in 15 years, other than doing benefits, after that moved around at the same age, she recalled. I've made a colossal mistake. I'm the remedial member of the cast. She went home, deposit on her headphones and practised await she mastered the tunes. Then it started to be fun, really amusement, she said with a bright beam, sitting backstage after a weekday matinee at the Berkeley Theatre in Toronto. Her bubbly performance as Jenny by a long chalk rivals her Company castmates, an exciting ensemble of Canada's top theatre stars: Brent Carver, Louise Pitre and Carly Street among them. A revival of a Stephen Sondheim musical that centres on an unmarried man's 35th anniversary, Company explores attitudes toward commitment, bliss and what it means to be alive. Vardalos said that she was drawn to the production because Acting 20 -- an artist-led company founded to present story-driven musicals -- reminded her of her own humble beginnings.

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