Women’s Sexuality: Behaviors Responses and Individual Differences

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It wasn't long ago that a wife was considered her husband's helpmate first and foremost. But the rules changed. Story highlights Not long ago, a woman couldn't start a business without her husband's permission Issues like reproductive freedom were only just beginning to see the light of day in the s Discover your '60s personality by taking the CNN Sixties quiz. Can you imagine pregnancy being a fireable offense?

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Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Abiding and contemporary approaches to the appraisal of female sexuality are discussed. All-purpose approaches, assessment strategies, and models of female sexuality are organized within the conceptual domains of sexual behaviors, sexual responses desire, excitement, orgasm, and resolutionand individual differences, including general and sex-specific personality models. The present conceptual general idea highlights areas in sexual assessment after that model building that are in basic of further research and theoretical amplification.

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