Girls which is it you like more hardcore or soft sex?

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I love that word you used ruthlessly horny - I've been looking for something to describe my need these days. I completely agree!! I love both ways!!! It just depends on the mood! I also love when it starts out slow and passionate and then he starts going faster and getting rougher ;! MissGab12 these days I'm in india. Sexual Health. Do girls like the hardcore fast and rough sex or the slow and passionate sex? Add Opinion.

But all you wanted was A before B you should have listed your question as a poll I answered your question. I like it approximate, I like to have it approximate, give it rough Well one of them you would like more than the other one right so which one is that. U c so as to is y I'm asking this Q is because I like to choose as much as I like en route for pleased. Sexual Health. Girls which is it you like more hardcore before soft sex? Add Opinion. Is this still revelant?

Unread post by chewiesolo » Sun Jan 27, pm. Unread post by Heather » Mon Jan 28, am. Unread post by chewiesolo » Mon Jan 28, am. Unread post by chewiesolo » Mon Jan 28, pm. Unread post by Sam W » Mon Jan 28, pm. Quick links. Examination full site. Users: please do not reply to other users here. I had a massive crush on my best friend, and had been actual attracted to girls for as elongate as I could remember.

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