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If each company was able to continue producing the same amount of output after laying off thousands of workers then they must have been productively inefficient before the layoffs. I realize that this may be a bit controversial. If you have questions let's discuss them on our discussion forum. Keep in mind the GOAL: reducing scarcity and achieving the maximum satisfaction possible from our limited resources. If these companies can still produce the same amount of output with thousands fewer employees, by laying them off they become available to work somewhere else producing MORE for society. BUT, will they find another job? Would it be better for society to have them stay at companies where they are not needed or to be unemployed collecting unemployment compensation or welfare? I would consider the possibility that it would it be BETTER for society to have them be unemployed collecting unemployment compensation or welfare.

Advertise thinking so permeates our lives so as to we barely notice it anymore. A leading philosopher sums up the buried costs of a price-tag society. About everything is up for sale. All the rage Santa Ana, California, and some erstwhile cities, nonviolent offenders can pay designed for a clean, quiet jail cell, devoid of any non-paying prisoners to disturb them. Minneapolis, San Diego, Houston, Seattle, after that other cities have sought to aid traffic congestion by letting solo drivers pay to drive in carpool lanes, at rates that vary according en route for traffic. Western couples seeking surrogates all the time more outsource the job to India, after that the price is less than one-third the going rate in the Amalgamate States. South Africa has begun charter some ranchers sell hunters the absolute to kill a limited number of rhinos, to give the ranchers an incentive to raise and protect the endangered species. The European Union runs a carbon-dioxide-emissions market that enables companies to buy and sell the absolute to pollute. Not everyone can allow to buy these things.

Bravery is passion and perseverance for continuing goals. And grit is holding committed to that goal. Even when you fall down. Even when you attach up. Even when progress toward so as to goal is halting or slow. Ability and luck matter to success. Although talent and luck are no agreement of grit. And in the actual long run, I think grit can matter as least as much, but not more. What can I abuse the Grit Scale for?

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