10 Quickie Sex Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You

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But we're grownups, and we have stuff to do. The urgency, the intensity, the fear of someone walking in—all these factors can blast your heart rate and make for a wild ride. The spontaneity is also another factor that makes having a quickie so appealing. You thought you were going to spend the rest of the day working on those TPS reportsbut instead, you get that sweet release. Not to mention that with quickie sex you still get the benefits that come with a longer love-making sessionincluding improved mood, stress reduction, a boost in your immune system, and of course, strengthening your bond with your partner. So the next time you and your partner are in the mood but are pressed for time, try one of these ten fast and dirty positions for quickie sex. You're welcome, my friend. Is missionary the fanciest position out there? It works.

Depending on your adventure levels, there are several places you can run en route for when desire hits. Also, keep all the rage mind that not all places bidding allow for straight-up, trousers-down penetration — some will logistically only allow designed for oral maneuvers or hand-jobs. Maybe the taxi driver will appreciate the act. You know, the one without a few windows and the convenient lock.

Why should the bride and groom allow all the fun? Weddings are absolute for quickies because no one bidding notice if you step out designed for a few minutes. Whoever invented drive-ins is a genius. It combines two of the best hookup locations as of when you were a teenager: by the movies and in your carriage, which is sure to get your heart racing when you think ago to all those wild times you snuck around with your high discipline boyfriend. Hooking up in a black cab cab is a great way en route for start the night and really accede to loose.

At time, you only have a limited quantity of time to do the accomplishment. But a tight schedule doesn't aim speedy sex has to be everything less than satisfying. In fact, the urgency of quickie sex can accomplish for better romps. Whatever form a quickie takes for you and your partner, there are plenty of tricks to make sure it's one en route for remember—even if it barely lasts five minutes.

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