How to Suck the Clit : 4 Amazing Benefits of Clit Sucking

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Well, you know what? We all like to change things up a bit! Yes, there are some tricks of the trade to try to make your woman say wow! We love to know that you find us sexy. Some women are very uncomfortable with how their vagina looks and may feel funny about letting you get up close and personal down there. So, before you do ANYTHING with your mouth or tongue — spend a few minutes gently stroking her, opening her up softly, exploring her folds with your fingertips and — most importantly — telling her how beautiful she is down there! Yes, I'm telling you to compliment her pussy! Your admiration will excite her and your slow, seductive touches will get her wet, willing and waiting for the next step! This acts as a little roof over the sensitive clitoris.

After it is stimulated via tongue, fingers, toys, or rubbing blood rushes en route for it and the clitoris becomes engorged and very sensitive. When you suck on the clit as opposed en route for just licking it speeds up the engorgement quite a bit and causes the clit to become more aware at a faster pace. Here are the reasons from real people who have a clit on why you need to start sucking on your partner's clitoris if you haven't before now. While everyone prefers different pressures after it comes to any clitoral encouragement, the simple act of sucking arrange the clitoris whether lightly or along with more pressure feels so good!

Abuse these simple but effective techniques en route for lick your girl into an orgasm frenzy! The clitoris is often a good deal too sensitive to handle direct encouragement. Many guys, however, go gung ho right on her clitoris itself, which can be really uncomfortable! An beyond approach works best — after altogether, the protection of the clitoral advance is exactly what the hood was designed to do.

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