5 Ways Your Vagina Is Unique – And When It Should Worry You

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Back to Sexual health. Vaginas are designed to help us have and enjoy sex, have periods and have babies. But what's normal and what's not? Find out how vaginas can be different. Dr Suzy Elneil, consultant in urogynaecology and uroneurology at University College Hospital, London, has worked with a lot of women. Don't compare yourself to anyone else — what someone else's vagina looks like is normal for them, but won't necessarily be what's normal for you. Yours is unique.

Your vagina is an elastic, muscular channel with a soft, flexible lining so as to provides lubrication and sensation. The vagina connects the uterus to the beyond world. The vulva and labia appearance the entrance. The cervix of the uterus protrudes into the vagina, forming the interior end. Here are the five main ways vagina, vulva, after that labia may differ.

Ago to Sexual health. The vagina is designed to keep itself clean along with the help of natural secretions absolution. Find out how to help your vagina keep clean and healthy, after that why you don't need douches before vaginal wipes. The vagina is a tube of muscle inside a woman's body that runs from the cervix the opening of the womb en route for the vaginal opening. Looking after your everyday health can help keep your vagina in good shape, says Dr Suzy Elneil, consultant in urogynaecology by University College Hospital, London, and representative for Wellbeing of Women. Find absent more about having a healthy dietexercise and keeping fit. Pelvic floor exercises can also help.

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Able-bodied, prepare to learn, as we abide you through 10 surprising facts a propos your lady parts. Whatever you appeal it, there is one thing so as to we can all agree on: the vagina is vital for human breeding and plays a major role all the rage sexual satisfaction. But there is accordingly much more to the vagina than many of us realize. This is one fact that we need en route for get out of the way.

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