What It’s Really Like to Cheat and Be Cheated On According to 10 Women

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Men who are caught cheating will often try to minimize, rationalize, and justify their behavior with a million excuses, but in the end, cheating is ultimately a choice. The decision to cheat can be driven by multiple factors, none of which are an excuse for the careless decision, but it can help explain why it happened in the first place. To understand the explanation behind what percentage of men cheat, we spoke to Briony Leo, a psychologist and head coach at Relisha relationship coaching company. She has a background in trauma counseling, addictions, and health and wellbeing. What Percentage of Men Cheat? In the aforementioned study, men were less likely to report that extramarital sex was always wrong, and more likely to view it as almost always wrong, wrong only sometimes, or not wrong at all.

Is it cheating to send a bare picture? To watch porn? To acquire feelings for someone else? Think a propos what you consider cheating and why , says Liz Powell, Ph. After that have a frank and open analysis about which of those definitions are flexible and which are non-negotiable. En route for figure out what cheating really looks like, Glamour spoke with 10 women about infidelity and what it looks like to cheat and to be cheated on.

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Discovering a partner has cheated on you can be devastating. You might air hurt, angry, sad, or even actually sick. The study used an online survey to ask people who had cheated in a romantic relationship a propos the reasons for their infidelity. Participants included women, men, and 23 ancestor who did not state their femininity. They were: mostly heterosexual Although they do offer a helpful agenda for better understanding why people bamboozle. Anger or revenge People sometimes bamboozle out of anger or a appeal to get revenge. Maybe you a minute ago discovered your partner cheated. You capacity want to make your partner attempt through the same emotions so they really understand the pain they caused you.

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