EVERY CHANCE I GET : feat. Lil Baby & Lil Durk

Want to get 53749

Would you mind? Nothing like your ex, no This ain't what you're used to Just give me that chance, girl I'll treat you so special Just give me the chance, girl And I won't let go And I know you've been hurt before but I'll make it better for ya El DeBarge - Sexy Lady Lyrics But I could swear they re telling me that you wanna to get close to me And please don t take me wrong I m not trying to flatter you Cause girl I know you heard that all before, I won t break your heart If you give me the chance I ll make it good to you Ain t nobody gonna touch you like I wanna love you baby Ain t nobody gonna need you like I wanna treat you baby, yeah baby Ain t nobody gonna Let's keep this fire burning hot Let's keep on loving each other just like that give me the chance to show you I'm a better man and let me be there for you For the rest of my life I'll be there to assure you and show you how much I love you ain't gonna put no girl I above you Ajey - Want You Back Lyrics Thought you said you'll stay the same with me fuck around and you gon change on me I should've known your ass was gone change on me like damn But say i dont care when i know that i miss you Remember the times when i held and i kiss you Tell me to pull up and you know i'll come get cause i want you back and im pressing the issue I want you back Lil Cuete - Bullet Holes Lyrics Bullet holes is out of your close Everyone knows Give me your gun n I'll shoot Sinking my aim n I'll shoot, you Give me the reason to do all the things that I do [Verse 2: Lil Cuete] I'll make you gone like we tired with out even a start U had no chance to begin because I came for your heart My flows are piercing your skull and sinking into

Altogether you hoes calling here for my daddy, get off his dick Akin to that, mommy? Hi, daddy, how you doing? This is Tyiest I was thinking about you last night, mm You actin' like you can't appeal me no more 'cause you active and all of that But you trying to tell me it wasn't good? That shit is real fucked up what you did I addicted you up with my girl after that shit You fucked her every age you see her You don't constant say shit to her, you appreciate what I'm saying?

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