Marijuana use on the rise in U.S. but not the cause of obesity study says

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But a study from France has found that, surprisingly, pot smokers are actually less likely than non-smokers to pack on weight. Using data covering more than 50, U. The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiologyincluded two surveys of U. Both had been conducted by branches of the U. National Institutes of Health between and Whether or not they smoked cigarettes as well had no influence on the obesity findings, though the researchers did not look at whether diet and exercise habits were different in pot smokers and non-smokers. Almost 16 million U. Scientists have researched the role of various molecules within marijuana smoke that produce the high feeling, block pain and may underlie the hunger for food typically provoked by pot use. Cannabinoids, molecules similar to natural signalling chemicals in the body, are believed to be key to stimulating appetite — so much so that ina drug called Rimonabant, designed to work against cannabinoids, was developed.

Afterwards more than a decade as individual of the UK's most popular ask shows, viewers said a fond departure or perhaps a curt goodbye en route for Weakest Link in The aggressive general knowledge quiz had been hosted by the slightly terrifying Anne Robinson for more than 1, episodes. Her steely persona and frostiness towards contestants was baked in to Weakest Link's very identity, and members of the public would apply to the agenda knowing they would be ridiculed. Which raises the question of how a new version of the show should be approached in an era of BeKind hashtags and increased mental fitness awareness. In order for it en route for be rebooted, it must also be reinvented - starting with a additional host in the shape of clown Romesh Ranganathan. Ranganathan's approach will be significantly different to Robinson's by basic. A presenter could not, in today's climate, treat contestants the same approach Robinson did - something she admitted herself earlier this year.

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A question for all of the on-again, off-again smokers out there: Have you noticed that you gain weight all time you quit smoking? Researchers all the rage Switzerland have found that weight gains after quitting smoking are due en route for changes in the composition of intestinal flora , and not due en route for increased calorie intake. They found so as to weight increases occur even if the calorie intake levels remain the alike or even decrease compared to levels before ditching the cigarettes. For the study , a group of 20 people were asked to give bench samples.

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