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I am going through this now thank you for the info Pete Mont Reply The article and some of the parents issues are so similar to mine. My daughter has this entitlement attitude. I enabled her with everything from car furniture holiday tickets etc. She has gone overseas many times and came back pregnant 3 times.

Four-month-old Dana beams, adding a happy Ba! This possessive feeling of my coach, as well as my mommy, builds the baby's core sense of character. These feelings dominate early development, at the same time as they should. Without a healthy awareness of me and mine, a child cannot learn to let go after that share with others. Early Give-and-Take At the same time as a baby's sense of self develops, she begins to experiment with exchanging objects with others. Twelve-month-old Shanequa after that her teacher are playing on the floor with toys. Shanequa leans above, picks up a rattle, and shakes it with a gleeful smile arrange her face. Her teacher smiles ago, saying, I see you like the sound you are making!

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