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General Cougar Questions Is there a population of wild cougars in Michigan? Cougars, also called mountain lions, were originally native to Michigan, but were extirpated from Michigan around the turn of the century. The last known wild cougar legally taken in the state occurred in near Newberry. There have been periodic reports of cougar sightings since that time from various locations in Michigan.

Can you repeat that? does it take to become an officially confirmed sighting? The photo be obliged to be of a cougar. Many photos turn out to be other animals caught in a position in which they look like a cougar. A lot perception in a photo can be distorted, making house cats and bobcats appear cougar like.

A lot of of the safety precautions recommended designed for bears apply to cougars as able-bodied. Keep pets leashed or leave them at home. Always keep children all the rage sight. Cougars can be attracted en route for children due to their small amount and the noise they create. By no means let your children wander if you are in cougar country. Make blare as you move, to avoid alarm encounters with cougars and bears. Be extra vigilant in strong wind before near loud water. You can bear a walking stick that can be used as a weapon in the unlikely event of a cougar act of violence. Watch for cougar tracks and signs scratched trees, scat, food caches- unconsumed prey covered with vegetation.

A cougar was killed by a aim in Randolph County in A different was killed by a bow huntsman in Mercer County in A third cougar male was shot after that killed in the Roscoe Village neighborhood in Chicago in April Altogether were sub-adult 2 tp 3 day old males. DNA analysis indicates these four animals were genetically similar en route for cougars from South Dakota and ardently suggests that these are all blustery males dispersing from that western inhabitant. Given the long distances typically traveled by cougars and the proximity of the counties especially Calhoun, Morgan, after that Pike , it is possible so as to the camera images may have shown the same individual. Similarly, trail camera images taken in Sangamon and Effingham counties in November were confirmed en route for show a cougar. The distances after that chronology of the images suggest so as to they may have shown the alike animal. Legal Status Cougars were eliminated from Illinois before due to environment loss and hunting pressure.

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