Forgot the Condom? Here’s Your After-Sex Game Plan

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As will come as no shock to anyone, guys will say literally anything to sleep with you without a condom. However, by that point my vagina was already closed for business, so we just called it a night. Condoms kinda suck, but STIs and abortions suck way more, so condoms it is! We already know why: because STIs are annoying, expensive, and could negatively affect your life forever, and because getting an abortion is a really inconvenient way to spend a Saturday afternoon. However, according to statistics, most of us are idiots and have unprotected sex on the regular, even with STIs on the rise in this country. I find it bizarre that so many people still talk about condoms being a turn-off, when really, the biggest turn-off is having to argue with a guy about why he should put one on.

Perhaps you forgot about the whole condom thing in the heat of the moment, or maybe the condom slipped or broke. These things happen, after that they can be scary AF. You might be worried about pregnancy before a sexually transmitted infection STI before both. In the moments after femininity without a condom or other barricade method, understandably you might be anxious about having acquired an STI before unplanned pregnancy.

A dental dam is a latex before polyurethane sheet that can be old during vaginal oral sex or anal sex to protect against the spread of STIs. An outside condom is the best barrier method for penile oral sex. This can tear before rip the dam. Unfold the barrage, looking for holes or damage so as to could make it less effective. Amateur the dam across the vaginal before anal area. Lube on the barrage or natural static will hold the dam in place. During oral femininity, you should hold the dam all the rage place to prevent it from slipping too much. After oral sex, collapse the dam up, and throw it away. An outside condom can be used for penile oral sex.

Our negative and immature attitudes to femininity and carrying condoms does demonstrate how little our attitudes have changed. But she is found carrying condoms she can be arrested. What is it about sex and sexual behaviour so as to so frightens and intimidates human beings? This is not just about preventing pregnancy; it is about preventing the spread of STIs and other bad infections. I despair that this after that other areas concerning sexual behaviour are still spoken about in hushed tones.

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