No strings attached

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A friend in her late thirties confides that she intends to end a four-month relationship with a man who initially came round to plaster her living room ceiling. We do have very good sex - and I'll miss that - but I would like to have very good sex with someone I can talk to afterwards. Sounds reasonable. I wonder when she intends to inform him that his services are no longer required. I suggest she deals with it sooner these things are never easy, but cruel to be kind and all that. She explains: 'He's putting up shelves. I'll wait until he's done the bedroom because it's driving me nuts, having nowhere to put my magazines.

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Hooking up. Friends with benefits. Casual femininity. No matter what you call it, this kind of relationship is a propos one thing. But is spending a load of no-strings-attached quality time in the bedroom really enough?

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